Get a unique experience with the PixFlx Media Player.

Expreience dual display, selectable video

PixFlx Media Player Mockup

The PixFlx media player brings you dual display,
selectable video.

Say you’re watching a show and you see an article of clothing you want to know more about. You can simply use your phone or tablet’s touchscreen to select the clothing. Then, the supplemental content shows up on your phone or tablet, not interrupting the content playing on the main display.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the player?
The player is currently in it's alpha stage but will be released to the public once it's more refined and the quality is acceptable for a beta launch.
As a consumer why should I care about the PixFlx player?
It's game changing, when you register you receive a free digital currency account, as any ads come in you will get credits to your account as well as 1% cash back on ecommerce.
What is the PixFlx Coin?
That’s the name of the PixFlx currency named after and in honor of Bitcoin, you will manage your currency account from PixFlxCoin.com and can access currency by exchange and Debit Card.
Why would I want PixFlxCoin associated with my entertainment?
As well as the benefits mentioned above the PixFlx player has added ecommerce functionality. You can select items on the screen with your phone or tablet to get more information or make a purchase. You can also pay for premium content or turn off sponsor advertising and the funds the advertiser would have paid instead come directly from your account to the content owner.
How do I get PixFlxCoin into my account?
This system rewards you with 1% of the ad revenue associated with your account and routes ads that are of interest to you, to make the ad meaningful to your interest you maintain key words and phrases for the routing engine to place ads. This is why you get 1% for cooperating and for sponsors the efficiency of reaching potential customers of their products is highly desirable and makes marketing budgets go much further so it’s good for everyone and you share in the reward for supporting it.
What is the advertising like in this system?
Ads are very granular to your interests but the great part is they are not disruptive of your time as they are short intro video and sponsor page is added to your browser, you get back to your content in a few seconds. You can review sponsor info at the time or later on and sponsors may even reward you for your cooperation in PixFlx Coin, however, you have the option of closing the browser tab to ignore it as well.
How does the 2 screen system of video object selection work?
The system has 2 apps, you put one on whatever screen you want the video on(e.g. Your laptop or an Android stick plugged into your TV.) and put the other on the tablet or phone to control the video. From the Tablet you have tabs for the web browser, content menu and video screen touch pad for object selection. Selection loads the producer’s predefined page for that object that could include info, shopping cart and possibly an ad to support the video content if the producer of the show places one to better monetize the show.
When can I expect to have this free media player and open an account?
The expected launch of the PixFlx Player beta version is in 6 to 9 months of this writing or around July to October of 2018 possibly sooner if you sign up as a beta tester.
Why Cryptocurrency?
Using our own token coin system we can have billions or trillions of small transactions a day on our internal network without automated clearing house fees, it makes crediting millions of consumers with small reward tokens that add up possible.
Why not base the system on an existing Cryptocurrency?
PixFlxCoin is very lean and fast. Its transactions per second capabilities are unmatched, the handling of the transactions are covered by the advertising and ecommerce revenue so other cryptocurrency systems that reward you for maintaining the network was not a match to this use case. Beyond that our system should based on our own coins that we have full control over.


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