Get a unique experience with the PixFlx Media Player.

Expreience dual display, selectable video

PixFlx Media Player Mockup

The PixFlx media player brings you dual display,
selectable video.

Say you’re watching a show and you see an article of clothing you want to know more about. You can simply use your phone or tablet’s touchscreen to select the clothing. Then, the supplemental content shows up on your phone or tablet, not interrupting the content playing on the main display.


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Founder, and Inventor has over 20+ years of business management experience within technology business sectors primarily focused on strategic planning & ongoing project management.

Joseph E. Lorkovic
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After spending parts of five decades leading companies in the Media and Entertainment space such as Technicolor and RCA Records. He also holds leadership posts with the Hollywood IT Society (HITS) and Media and Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA).

Devendra Mishra
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