The Future of Entertainment

An exciting new platform where viewers get paid, publishers enjoy superior monetization and advertisers access improved targeting and increased conversions.

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Why use PixFlx?

Good for Consumers

Consumers will enjoy the new functionality of selectable video and the convenience it provides as well as receiving rewards for keeping their account up to date with their current interests and viewing the corresponding advertising.

Good for Businesses

Publishers will utilize a vastly superior monetization model than what is currently available and advertisers will enjoy much improved targeting as well as much more opportunity for interaction providing increased conversions.

How it Works

The PixFlx network does away with the outdated methods of
existing systems and is designed so that it benefits everyone involved.


Use the PixFlx Media Player to watch content as you normally would but earn a portion of the advertising revenue.


Select people and objects on the screen with your phone to make purchases or for information about what you selected.


Review the information or make your purchases while you continue watching the content or at your convenience.

Selectable Video

Want to buy that shirt you see an actor wearing? Use your phone to select the shirt and it’s added to your phone's shopping cart where you can review it later or purchase it at that moment.

Consumer Rewards

Consumers are rewarded for participating in our advertising rewards program by keeping their account up to date with their current interests and viewing the corresponding advertising.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Users of the network are provided a cryptocurrency wallet attached to their account for making purchases and receiving rewards.


Read up on our plan, we've put a lot of work into it!

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A Unique Entertainment & Advertising Platform

Our goal is to rollout an entertainment based platform with its own digital currency, distributed ledger and consensus protocol that is infinitely scalable. Our application is free to download and includes the main functionality of a media player that supports selectable video e-commerce as well as a digital currency wallet.

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Management Team

Our team has the experience and passion required to take this small startup
and turn it into a major player in a combined 3.3 trillion dollar market.

Joseph Lorkovic

Founder, CEO
BS, Computer Science

Alexey Ovsyannikov

MBA, Management & Strategic Marketing

Diane Brusin

MBA, Taxation


Where we've been and where we're going.


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